Nursery Coordinator  

Position Summary

Our church has experienced rapid growth in our nursery, and we are seeking someone to oversee volunteer coordination and work in the nursery weekly. Our nursery provides care for children aged two months through three years during our weekly worship service, which convenes on Sundays from 11am-12:30pm. Weekly hours are from 9:45 to 12:45 on Sunday, plus an additional hour weekly for volunteer coordination, nursery setup, and planning activities, which can be scheduled and completed at the availability of the Coordinator.

Average nursery attendance is between ten and twenty children. We require a five-to-one child/adult ratio. The nursery is staffed by two salaried workers (one of which is the Nursery Coordinator) and one to two church volunteers.


  • Volunteer Coordination
    • Set the volunteer schedule on a quarterly basis
      •  Manage requested volunteer schedule changes as they arise

    • Support volunteers in understanding and utilizing tools (laptop checkin, Breeze mobile confirmation system)

    • Co-coordinate annual ‘Safe Sanctuaries training’ with Embrace Nursery Lead Volunteer

  • Weekly Nursery Caregiver

    • Serve as a weekly volunteer in nursery to oversee all children’s care, which includes:

      • Supervising, playing with, and monitoring the safety of all children

      • Changing diapers, helping toddlers go to the bathroom

      • Leading story time and activities, or supporting other volunteers and nursery worker if they are leading

  • Nursery Oversight and Planning

    • Oversee the setup and space of the nursery

    • Support volunteers with activities, schedule, and curriculum development

    • Offer creative ideas and insight for children’s education and growth

Job Skills and Requirements:

  • 2-3 years background in the childcare field preferred
  • Completion of high school degree or higher
  • Willingness to support and respect the values of Embrace Church, and support in any faith-based activities developed by church nursery volunteers
  • Key skills/qualities of a volunteer:
    • Communication and People Skills: weekly nursery work requires communication with children and parents, story-telling, and coordination among volunteers and church staff

    • Instructional Skills: able to explain instructions clearly and in a way kids can understand

    • Patience: patience for caring for a group of small children and coordinating the space during busy drop-off and pick up time

    • Stamina: our children are bundles of energy, and our nursery staff needs the energy to match their drive and enthusiasm! This role will require carrying infants, helping with setup and clean up of the room, diapering and going to the bathroom, and circle-time activities.

The Nursery Coordinator will be a salaried position at the church; the pay rate for this position is $15/hour.


To apply, please email your resume to Ellie McBroom at