Today I’ve been reading through all the dreams our church community shared for our immigrant sisters and brothers. We collected almost 100 dreams since our Camino de Sueños event in support of the Dream Act. These dreams will be taken to D.C. along with thousands of others from across the nation.

I’m not feeling optimistic about the fate of these young people being in the hands of our nation’s “leaders.” Though as a follower of Jesus I am holding on to hope. I am encouraged that my church cares more about the Kingdom of God than about wealth and power. Perhaps our work in North Lexington can be a mustard seed, something small that eventually grows into something larger.


I want folks to hear what our DACAmented youth wrote on their yellow cards:


“I have lived in the United States with my mom and sisters for 12 years now. I am thankful for the life I was given by my mother’s strength and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I may be deprived from many opportunities in the United States, and even more so now. I am trying my best to take advantage of the opportunities that are thrown at me and I know my sisters will do the same. I am a dreamer and I want my dream to become a physical therapist to come true. I want for my mother to be happy and proud for the decision of escaping the domestic violence and bringing us with her and fighting not only for her, but for us. I want to make her proud. I know what I am capable of. I am happy with the life that was provided for me and my sisters.”


“My dream...let me stay.”


“My hope is that my family, my friends, and other undocumented immigrants are seen as human beings. Are seen with dignity.  That overall we can have an immigration reform for all undocumented families.”


“Being a dreamer is something amazing, knowing that one day my dream will come true.  My dream is to be able to provide for my family financially and be able to provide a great future and be able to live a good life.”


“Right now being a senior in high school I worry that I may not even go to college, get a license, or get the help I need. Everyone deserves a chance, anywhere. My dream is to have a dream and that DACA hopefully won’t need.”




-Pastor John