Holiness: justice, mercy, truth

In the linked article David Field points out that John Wesley (founder of Methodism) believed the outward expression of holiness is a life characterized by "justice, mercy, and truth." My hope is that my life is characterized by these three distinct qualities.

He gives Methodist churches a challenge: (I particularly like his comment that churches ought to become "critical and troublesome communities within society." Similarly Shane Claiborne calls Christians to stir up "holy mischief".)


"Methodist Churches need to (re)discover their identity as communities of ‘justice, mercy, and truth’...such a (re)discovery will not lead to a position of passive submission to the state nor to an alignment with conservative political forces. Rather it will lead to Churches becoming critical and troublesome communities within society whose identity is shaped by its creative embodiment of ‘justice, mercy, and truth’. Their proclamation, but above all their praxis, ought to become a constant challenge to society, representing an alternative to the dominant culture, an alternative whose primary characteristic is not legalistic moralism nor increasingly exotic piety, but rather concrete engagement on behalf of and in solidarity with the excluded and suffering other."