Prisoners of Hope

This world is a mess. MLK's three evils of society - militarism, racism, and poverty - are rampant and out of control. News headlines describe war, mass killings, brutality, suicide, and pain. Countless people have sunk into deep cynicism with no hope that things can change.


Desmond Tutu: "I'm not optimistic, no. I'm quite different. I'm hopeful. I am a prisoner of hope."


He's draws upon language from a prophecy in Zechariah 9. The prophet refers to God's people as "prisoners of hope." To be prisoner of hope means that you refuse to give up hope no matter what. You go on, moving forward, holding on to his promises.


The resurrection makes this kind of hope possible. I love the line from this song, "Adelina" by Johnnyswim.


"Darling can’t you see that you’re my sea and sun?

Oh, the battle rages but the war is won.

Adelina, Adelina, Adelina, oh, there’s hope for us.

Adelina, oh there’s hope."


Jesus rose. His countercultural life and message were vindicated. He is the way, the truth, and the life. The battle rages but the war is won.


There's hope for us.


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